Fruit & Vegetables - Natoora

Unlike many other fruit and vegetable suppliers who go through New Covent Garden market to source their produce, Natoora work directly with small farms allowing them to more closely control quality standards of the produce they supply. Natoora only work with farms who are producing food responsibly, which means that fruit and vegetables are only grown through natural farming method and they always ensure that the produce they offer is grown using minimal use of pesticides. To ensure these standards are met, Natoora regularly pesticide test the produce and make regular visits to the farms to ensure the quality of everything they sell is upheld. Many of the vegetables offered in Squirrel have been sourced from farms in the UK, as well as in Europe, from farms based in Italy, France and Spain, where growing conditions are optimal for best flavour and nutrition at different times during the year.

Chicken & Beef – Walter Rose & Sons

Our supplier Walter Rose & Sons are a UK focused, family run business with a strong ethos around animal welfare and traditional farming techniques. They actively avoid farms that use intensive farming methods to ensure animals get to a certain size in a short amount of time and instead look for farmers who use free-range farming techniques and natural animal feed. In terms of welfare they make sure animals are never stressed and are looked after humanely from growth on the farm to the abattoir.

Fish - Southbank

Our salmon is organic and sustainably sourced through our supplier Southbank. They are certified through a number of organizations such as The Organic Food Federation, RSPCA Freedom Food and Sustainable Restaurant Association for example. Their ethos is very much based on freshness and sustainability, which they have launched their Southbank Sustainability Initiative to help businesses approach their menu’s in a more sustainable way.

Coffee – Bewley’s

Bewley’s is an Irish coffee and tea company that was founded in 1840, which means they know a thing or two when it comes to brewing the perfect cup! Bewley’s coffee is renowned for its great taste having won 85 Great Taste awards in the last 7 years. With beans sourced from Honduras, Ethiopia and Sumatra, Bewley’s medium-dark roast offers highlights from the best of co-operative grown coffees around the world. In addition Bewley’s coffee carries Fairtrade, Rainforest and Organic certifications.

Protein Powder – NEAT Protein

The protein powder which is optional to add into our smoothies at Squirrel is supplied through Neat protein, who have become a mainstay for many fitness professionals in London. Neat pride themselves on the quality of their product, which is made using only the best natural ingredients. We use their vegan protein, which is made up of a blend of hemp and pea protein to offer a complete amino acid profile to assist with many important body functions from muscle recovery to blood sugar balance and hormone balance, for example. Our shots of protein powder added to smoothies offers almost 18g of clean protein per serving. The protein is gluten free, non-GMO, soya free and hormone free.